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​The Anatomy of a Marble Slab Creamery Store
We are...

Marble Slab Creamery is a flexible licensing and franchise opportunity that fits in a variety of locations.


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Traditional Stores

Located inside a mall.
Shared seating with other food court tenants.
Unlimited mix-ins including fresh fruit, crunchy nuts, and sweet cookies and candies.

Non-Traditional Stores

Efficient, easy-to-operate unites that can accommodate high traffic.
Enticing visuals presenting our tasty products is the perfect hook.
Fun treats like cupcakes, shakes, and sundaes that are perfect for customers to eat on the go.
Found in every store: Ice cream made from locally sourced dairy products in a wide variety of flavors, demonstrating our commitment to the communities we serve.

Non-traditional location ideas include:

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    College Campuses
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    Theme Parks
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    Food Trucks
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    Travel Centers
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    Military Bases
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    Hotel and Lodging
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    Convenience Stores

Off Mall Stores

Located as part of a shopping center.
In store dining.
Option for a drive-thru window!
Found in every store: An ice cold slab of marble where smiling employees mix custom ice cream creations for every customer.


Offers standalone functionality with a store feel.
Walk-up ordering makes speed of service a perfect fit for busy customers on the go.
Found in every store: The Slab Happy rewards program that keeps customers coming back time and time again.