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Nontraditional Franchise Opportunities:

Entertainment and Recreation

Nontraditional franchise opportunities—franchises located in places other than a mall or shopping center—give franchise owners virtually limitless location options. Some of the most versatile nontraditional locations that Marble Slab franchisees can utilize are in entertainment and recreation venues.

Did You Know...

…On average, American households spend nearly $4,500 on entertainment each year?

…Out of that $2,500, nearly $600 goes towards fees and admissions?

…The amusement park industry is enormous, earning $18 billion in yearly revenue?

…Amusement parks are seeing huge growth, with the industry expanding by 5.4% from 2012-2017?

…In just the 4th quarter of 2015, America’s biggest movie chain raked in over $215 million just from concessions, even while ticket sales decreased by 4.5%.

…Marble Slab franchisees can capitalize on some of this revenue by locating an ice cream franchise in an entertainment or recreation venue?

Why Entertainment Venues Work

When people are out looking for entertainment, they want a complete, all-encompassing experience. Whether they are attending a concert on the weekend or taking the family to a water park, delicious treats are key to an immersive entertainment experience.

The thing about entertainment and recreation venues that makes them work is that they attract a high number of people in a relatively short time. These environments are fast paced and full of people looking for yummy treats to accent their experience. In short, these are places where Marble Slab thrives.

Consumers are always looking for entertainment and recreation, no matter what time of year it is. Some of these nontraditional opportunities are seasonal, while others are open all year long.

Seasonal Opportunities

  • Water parks—Most water parks are open exclusively during the summer, but warmer climates make it possible to work year round.
  • Boardwalks—Beaches and boardwalks are most popular during the summer, which is when the bulk of your business will occur.
  • Theme parks—In many ways, theme parks are similar to waterparks; they are busiest during the summer, with the exception of extremely warm climates.
  • Sporting arenas—Sports venues busy days depend on when the sport in question is in season. Additionally, many indoor arenas double as concert venues, bringing in business on more days during the year. 
  • Concert venues—A popular concert venue can bring in thousands of people in just one night, giving you a huge customer base to work with.
  • Movie theaters—Even though peak times for movies are on weekend nights, your franchise can still serve customers trickling in every day of the week.
  • Bowling alleys—Bowling alleys serve patrons of all ages, especially on weekends when bowling is most popular.


Marble Slab works in entertainment and recreations venues because our brand puts on a show. Customers love that they have unlimited mix-in options, choosing ice cream flavors and mixins to meet their ultimate ice cream fantasy. Then, watching as a smiling employee mixes their dessert on an ice cold slab gets customers’ mouths watering. Our brand’s “eat”ertainment value is an undeniable asset to any recreation venue.

Choosing a Layout

How do Marble Slab franchises make these nontraditional locations work in such different entertainment and recreation venues? By being flexible!

Food trucks, ice cream cars, kiosks, walk-ups, and inline locations are all layout options that you can choose from in your venue. We have experience adapting our layouts and accommodating our franchisees in entertainment and recreation locations.

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When it comes to nontraditional franchise opportunities, the sky is the limit! Look around in your community and you’re bound to find an amazing opportunity.

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