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Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunities

Bring Marble Slab’s delectable treats to your market by opening a non-traditional franchise. The biggest difference between non-traditional and traditional Marble Slab franchises is the location. Both store types allow you to serve our fresh ice cream and unlimited mix ins, but the non-traditional opportunity gives you more flexibility with your location.

What Is a Non-Traditional Franchise?

Traditional Marble Slab franchise locations are inside malls or shopping centers. Non-traditional locations, on the other hand, are in other high-traffic spots that are not part of a mall or shopping center. A non-traditional dessert franchise is a great fit anywhere that customers are walking or driving by in high volumes. The possibilities are endless (check out the bottom of this page for ideas).

The appeal of non-traditional locations is that they are flexible, unique, and special, all with a built-in customer base. Every store has its own individual feeling and personality, giving customers a unique experience while still providing the delicious ice cream that Marble Slab is famous for.

Marble Slab Works in Non-Traditional Locations

The combination of our years of experience and delicious products has helped us be the authority on making your non-traditional dessert franchise work. Here’s why:

  • FOOD: It is no secret that Americans love ice cream, and Marble Slab’s fresh, made-in-store ice cream is the cream of the crop. We were the first to use the ice cold slab of marble to mix our delectable ice cream with premium mix ins, and we have continued to pave the way in the ice cream industry ever since. Baking our waffle cones in store every day adds another layer of freshness to our amazing desserts. No matter whether it’s a summer baseball game or a long wait for an airplane, people enjoy eating ice cream.
  • FLEXIBILITY: At Marble Slab, we know that the needs of every owner and location are different, which is why we have created such a flexible opportunity. Once you find the right location, you can adjust your store to be a perfect fit in most cases. For example, non-traditional locations like concessions stands in arenas or theme parks provide a kitchen prep space that all vendors share. Some brands might hesitate at the idea of this kind of shared space, but not Marble Slab! Where some brands see problems, we see opportunities!
  • COBRANDING: There can be no doubt that one of our biggest assets is our partnership with Global Franchise Group and our sister companies. Marble Slab and Great American Cookies—GFG’s two dessert brands—are a perfect match. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, bread and butter. We have special cobranding opportunities for franchisees who want to bring the sweetness of ice cream and cookies to their customers. (You can learn more about cobranding by downloading our ebook!)
  • PORTABILITY: Let’s face it, an ice cream cone is the epitome of portable. Have your favorite mix-ins added to your favorite ice cream flavor, pick your cone choice, and then enjoy. A cone is an edible handle and not only is it delicious, it’s practical.

The Benefits of a Non-Traditional Dessert Franchise

Opening a non-traditional franchise gives you all the perks of owning a Marble Slab franchise, with some added benefits as well.

These benefits include:

  • Captive audiences
  • Easy growth through multiple units
  • New opportunities

Unique Customer Base

Every non-traditional franchise is different, so your ice cream shop will attract a unique customer base that depends on your location. While traditional Marble Slab franchises attract a specific type of customer—mall shoppers—the non-traditional model brings Marble Slab’s tasty treats to a wider audience.

The key to choosing a non-traditional location is targeting a group of people that will make up your customer base. In short, your franchise’s location directly impacts the customers you target.

Depending on your location, the following are some of the types of people you will attract:

  • Travelers
  • Entertainment seekers
  • Commuters
  • Shoppers
  • Students

The best part? Non-traditional locations tend to be in highly visible places, allowing them to do more than attract new customers. People who already know and love Marble Slab get additional opportunities to eat our ice cream at your store, which helps your bottom line.

New Locations = New Opportunities

A well-placed non-traditional location will take traffic into account as the most important factor. A high concentration of people is the lifeblood of a non-traditional location, so maximize your business by choosing a location with a lot of movement.

The options are endless when it comes to non-traditional opportunities, which means that your store has potential to attract a high number of customers. A non-traditional franchise location should see a lot of foot traffic (look for airports, college campuses, theme parks, and entertainment venues) or commuter traffic (places like city centers, convenience stores, and resorts).

Need Some Ideas?

These are just some of the non-traditional opportunities that may be lurking in your community. The beauty of Marble Slab is that we are flexible enough to fit virtually anywhere, including many of these locations:

  • Entertainment venues
  • Water parks
  • Boardwalks
  • Bowling alleys
  • Theme parks
  • Sporting arenas
  • Movie theaters
  • Concert venues
  • Airports
  • College campuses
  • Military bases
  • Train stations
  • Transportation hubs
  • Travel destinations
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Ski resorts
  • Large office spaces
  • Office buildings
  • Convenience stores
  • Travel plazas
  • Big box retailers
  • Community centers

Questions? Get in Touch

Non-traditional franchise opportunities present lots of options to our franchisees. Get in touch with us to get your questions answered and learn more about our outstanding brand!

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