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Looking for a Tasty Franchise Opportunity? Open a Marble Slab in Cincinnati!

Are you looking for an opportunity to be your own boss? Do you want to open a business, but you aren’t sure you’re ready to start from the ground up? Franchising with Marble Slab is the right choice for you! At Marble Slab, we offer our franchise owners everything they need to get started the right way, from help with location selection, to training, to technology. This corporate support doesn’t end when your store doors open, either; we stand by our franchisees for the life of their business, offering ongoing training and support.

Because we care so much about our franchise owners, we want to get them started on the right path immediately, which is why we want to open a store in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati’s strong economy is ideal for opening a gourmet ice cream shop. In addition, there are many exciting cultural aspects of the city that contribute to a happy population and a happy ice cream shop. Keep reading to learn more about Cincinnati and what it has to offer a Marble Slab owner.


When Forbes ranked 200 American cities in order of which one is the best place to do business, it placed Cincinnati at #75. That’s right, Cincinnati finds itself in the top 100 cities for business and careers. This is likely due to the city’s low unemployment rate, which is two percent below the national average, its low cost of living, and high job growth. Indeed, Cincinnati scores better than the national average in almost every major economic indicator, according to Forbes.

Over the Rhine Historic District

Cincinnati is home to not only a bustling economy, but also a thriving historic district in the Over the Rhine part of town, which is known for its historical architecture. Indeed, Over the Rhine is one of the largest historic districts in the nation, according to the National Register of Historic Places. Cincinnati’s oldest church, Old Saint Mary’s, which was built in 1841, still stands in the district. In fact, worshippers can visit Old Saint Mary’s to hear one of the Sunday masses spoken in German. In addition, there are numerous old brewery buildings, as Over the Rhine is believed to have the highest number of nineteenth century breweries left standing in the United States. Most of these breweries fall on or near McMicken Avenue, earning the street the nickname “Brewers’ Boulevard.”

The time to invest is now! With everything Cincinnati has to offer a business owner, an investment opportunity this good won’t come around every day. When you’re ready to invest in your future career, click this LINK to find out how to start a Marble Slab franchise right away.


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Available Markets in Ohio

  • Parma
  • Canton
  • Youngstown
  • Lorain
  • Ashland
  • Aurora

Store Options

drive maximum traffic with minimum overhead.

Our growth strategy at Marble Slab Creamery focuses on enhancing not only our brands awareness, but extends to aiding every franchisee to find the best location possible. To that end, we have some of the best real estate specialists that wil help look at local trends and demographics, as well as assist you in site selection. Our store locator assistance and layout is designed to drive maximum traffic with minimum overhead. Additionally, Marble Slab Creamery continually offers new and existing owners and consultation.

Franchise Toolkit

GFG, provides a vast array of resources like eBooks and Infographics

  • The Complete Guide to Starting and Running Your own Franchise Download
  • Franchising: Finding the Right Fit Download

Marble Slab Creamery History

specializing in super-premium ice cream with the finest ingredients since 1983

Originally, the franchise was invented by chefs Penn and LaPage, who changed the way we enjoy frozen dessert with the ability to create your own concoction. Their “Frozen Slab” was the first, the original, and soon they began franchising this concept. In 1986, one of the first franchisees built a franchising concept that provided other franchisees a comprehensive business venture. In August of 2010, Global Franchise Group, LLC acquired Marble Slab Creamery. We now have more than 350 open stores around the world.

What It Takes

comparable characteristics among some of our most successful franchisees:

  • A net worth of at least $250K and $100K of that in liquid assets
  • Committed, Positive Attitude
  • Willing to work for success, complete ongoing training and attend meetings
  • Wants to build a business rather than create a job
  • Confident, Ambitious, Self-Motivated
  • Passionate about the business, brand and community
  • Not just mall based locations

Financial Requirements

the cost to open a Marble Slab Creamery will vary depending on the location, area, and size of the store.

  • Your total investment will be approximately $238,085 to $371,635
  • A typical store ranging from 650 to 1400 square feet

Owning a franchise is fun and if you have a good company like Global Franchise Group behind you to help you along the way it becomes a lot easier.”

- Mark

Global Franchise Group is a great brand and Marble Slab is the Rock, it’s a great product, who doesn’t like Ice Cream.”

– Aneal

Try co-branding with Global Franchise Group, it helps you succeed and that is the ultimate goal.”

– Kevin

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