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Marble Slab Licensing Opportunities

The key to a strong license deal is flexibility, and at Marble Slab, flexibility is our middle name.

We know what customers want, and we utilize that knowledge to customize our products to each customer and each venue. A fractional franchise with Marble Slab leverages our amazing food, reputable brand, and adaptable spaces to maximize the benefits of working with us.

The Food

It is no secret that people love ice cream. Recent studies have revealed that it is America’s favorite dessert, and Marble Slab’s super premium ice cream is as popular as ever.

Why do customers love Marble Slab? Let us count the ways!

Flexible MenuWe have made a name for ourselves by giving our customers the options they are looking for in their dessert. Choose from a wide variety of premium ice cream flavors, add unlimited mix-ins, and put it all in a cup or freshly-made waffle cone. Our flexible menu is a boon for licensing companies as well, because we are adaptable to all different locations.

Affordable ProductsAffordability is an important consideration for consumers of all products, and frozen dessert is certainly no exception. Marble Slab provides great value to our customers, who can mix and match whatever flavors strike their fancy Marble Slab Creamery introduced “Unlimited Mix-ins” for one simple price as a way to bring even more value to our customers. It was a hit with our customers, so we’ve kept it as a part of our core menu offerings.

Grab and GoIn today’s fast-paced world of instant streaming and fast food, consumers want something that they can grab and go. Ice cream in a cup or cone is easy to eat on the go, so customers can enjoy a sweet treat no matter what they are doing. Grab and go treats like ours are perfect in airports, college campuses, stadiums, and anywhere else that customers are going from one place to the next. And don’t forget that Marble Slab Creamery offers quarts and pints of ice cream to-go as well!

Quality IngredientsMarble Slab is committed to using quality ingredients—including locally sourced dairy products—and tested recipes that make our ice cream taste great. This is a huge selling point for our customers, who can taste the difference in our sweet and creamy concoctions.

The Brand

When you license the Marble Slab brand, you get a host of benefits along with it. First and foremost, we offer competitive licensing rates to make this relationship mutually beneficial. We know that there are a lot of brands vying for a spot in your venue, so we work hard to make our rates as attractive as our ice cream.

Alongside our reasonable rates, you get the benefit of our brand support. We are known for our training and support programs that help each Marble Slab location stand up to our impeccable standards. We use our experience to train you on everything from making our ice cream to operations policies to properly cleaning your equipment.

Additionally, we make Marble Slab licensing opportunities work by creating channel-specific marketing to aptly speak to your customer.

We take that support even further by conducting site visits multiple times each year to help us know how best to serve your location. Imagine the benefit that will come from our on-hand insight combined with your company’s expertise!

The Space

At Marble Slab, we think in inches, not square feet. That’s how we are able to stay flexible enough to fit in pretty much any location. Indeed, we have designed our spaces with miniaturization modularity in mind—every piece has its place, allowing a Marble Slab franchise to fit in locations as small as 400 square feet! That makes us ideal for kiosks, satellites, inlines, and more.

Check out some of the locations where a Marble Slab license deal will work well:

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    College Campuses
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    Stadiums and Arenas
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    Theme Parks and Attractions
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    Movie Theaters
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    Entertainment Complexes
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    Ski Resorts
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    Hotels, Casinos, and Resorts

Get in touch with our licensing team to see what a license deal with Marble Slab will look like in your venue.

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