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Licensing Opportunities: Airports


Marble Slab Is the Perfect Fit in a Terminal

As consumer tastes evolve, airports have to evolve alongside them in order to stay profitable and relevant. Today’s traveler is looking for something unique in their dining experience – whether it is food made from high-quality ingredients, custom made to order, or locally sourced – and Marble Slab Creamery can give it to them.

Our flexible formats are ideal in an airport terminal or concourse. Work with us to leverage our experience in giving customers the treats they want by licensing Marble Slab in your airport.

Limited Space? No Problem

The small spaces inside airports do not present a challenge to Marble Slab like they might for other brands. Our stores can be as small as 400 square feet, which means we are well-suited for all but the smallest airport venues. As they walk from terminal to terminal, passengers can indulge in their favorite ice cream treat from one of our layout options:

KioskKiosks are growing in popularity at airports, and Marble Slab is the perfect brand to fill one of these spaces. Because kiosks cater so well to hurrying passengers, ice cream is an ideal standout snack to feed enplanements on the go. Our treats catch travelers’ eyes and they head off to their destination with a custom ice cream creation. Even better, a kiosk can be a standalone location or a satellite to another store already at the airport.

SatelliteThese micro-sites are a welcome addition to any terminal or concourse. Serve passengers a limited menu of flavors that they love as they make their way to the gate. Satellites are dependent on a larger store to prepare the ice cream up to our high standard, so they are an excellent boost in your airport.

InlineCompared with our other layout options, inline locations could be considered roomy in an airport. An inline allows for a broader menu of ice cream and mix-in flavors, giving customers a tasty treat to enjoy before takeoff. These stores take advantage of the captive audience of passengers as well as shared seating spaces with other eateries.

Cater to a Captive Audience

Travelers in airports are looking for convenience and choice with every part of their travel experience, including dining. Marble Slab is a welcome change from the typical coffee shops and delis that litter terminals, and travelers respond enthusiastically. We use enticing visuals and airport-specific marketing materials to hook passengers as they pass by, showing them just how delicious our treats are.

Co-Branding Opportunities

Marble Slab and our sister brand, Great American Cookies, are complementary brands that work in sync with each other as companions. Spaces with higher square footage can leverage the many advantages of co-branding, including:

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    Dessert combinations like a cookie and ice cream sandwich
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    Portable treats for passengers to eat on the go
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    Flexible store layouts in as little as 400 square feet
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    Combined expenses and assets to run two businesses in one location
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