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Two Desserts Are Better Than One

Co-Branding Franchise Opportunities with Marble Slab and Great American Cookies

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What do you get when you combine delicious dessert with the sweet independence of owning your own business? The Marble Slab franchise opportunity!

And if you thought owning one dessert franchise was a sweet deal, wait until you hear about co-branding! Marble Slab Creamery has found its match with Great American Cookies, our sister brand under Global Franchise Group (GFG). Together, Marble Slab and Great American Cookies serve up tasty treats and delectable desserts to our customers, and co-branding means you can do it all under one roof!

Co-branded stores put both brands in one location, making the most of your investment and giving your customers the treats they crave. 

A Win for Franchisees and Customers

Co-branding gives franchisees and customers the chance to never have to choose between ice cream and cookies. In 2014, GFG had the idea that franchisees could open co-branded stores to offer their customers the ultimate in dessert options. Our ice cream is the perfect complement to Great American Cookies’ freshly baked goods, so these two brands are a match made in heaven.

Even though we are two brands, we share one philosophy: Food should be fresh. That simple philosophy sets us apart in the industry because customers can taste the difference. 

Perks of Being a Co-Branded Store

The thing that makes co-branding work so well is that it is advantageous to your business whether you are just starting out or if you already own a Marble Slab or Great American Cookies franchise. There are a variety of perks that come with these two amazing brands, including:

  • Double the brands means two sources of potential revenue
  • Overhead costs of one location
  • Discount on your second franchise fee
  • Customers are introduced to new treats from both brands
  • The ability to drive new traffic with Cookie Cake and ice cream cake offerings
  • Catering options for both brands

Double Brands Doesn’t Mean Double Trouble

One of the most exciting things about co-branding is the ability to offer two distinct but complementary brands. Introducing customers to new treats and running two businesses under one roof – without increasing overhead costs like rent or utilities – means increased potential for your business.

A common misconception with co-branding is that double the brands means double the work. That is simply not true! We make it easy for all franchisees in our franchise family to run their businesses. GFG is a strategic brand management company with more than 35 years of experience in training, preparing, and supporting franchise owners.

The best part? We have a dedicated co-branding team that visits and supports stores. These are the company-wide experts who help you find the perfect co-branding location, train employees on our systems, and work through the particular issues that pop up when you operate two brands in one location. In addition, you can talk to existing co-branding franchisees who have already done what you are doing so they can tell you all about their experience.

Flexible Enough for Non-Traditional Locations

One of the most appetizing thing about co-branding is that these stores keep the flexibility of the Marble Slab Creamery brand and can fit in pretty much any location. You don’t need to limit yourself when it comes to locations for a co-branded franchise because we have learned how to adapt our franchises to the unique needs of any venue. From airports to entertainment venues to military bases and beyond, Marble Slab and Great American Cookies are a perfect fit anywhere, including traditional locations like lifestyle centers, shopping centers, and malls.

A hallmark of the Marble Slab brand is that we are adaptable. A co-branded store can be as small as 1,800 square feet, opening up your store to many smaller spaces. Additionally, we remain flexible to adapt to virtually any space we occupy, whether that means sharing prep spaces or combining seating areas or anything else. We do all this without compromising the integrity of our brands and the delicious treats we serve.

Get started with co-branding by filling out our form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss this exciting business opportunity.

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