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What the Best Ice Cream Franchisers Do (and You Should Too!)

  • May 21, 2015

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take advantage of a great ice cream franchise opportunity and open your very own franchise. This is an exciting time.

Franchises are a great way to own your own business without starting completely from scratch. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to create a great ice cream dessert franchise:

Best Franchisers

What to Keep in Mind When Buying an Ice Cream Franchise

Decide which franchise is the best: Do your research on all of the franchise opportunities available before you decide which one is right for you. A good ice cream franchise opportunity will provide helpful overhead, brand recognition, quality ingredients, and a strong business model.

Brand Strength: Once you’ve decided which dessert franchise is the best, it’s time to focus on your marketing strategy. Work closely with your franchisor to decide how you’ll each focus on marketing for your new franchise. While the franchisor may focus on national brand, you’ll want to look into local advertisement.

Location: Location is another important key to creating a good franchise opportunity. Look for high-traffic areas with at least a 60,000 population within a 10-mile radius. Ensure there is adequate parking available and is located in a good area. Work closely with your franchisor to ensure your ice cream franchise opportunity is placed in an ideal location for the most profitable business.

Management: In order to maintain an ice cream franchise, one must focus on creating an effective management style. The better your management style, the easier your job will be in the long run. You can improve your ice cream franchise management by listening to your employees, leading by example, and putting people first.

Good Customer Service: The way you handle customer service can either make or break your ice cream franchise. Today, you can easily reach out to customers via email, social media, and online advertisements. Don’t ignore angry customers; instead, try to contact them directly and rectify the situation before it gets out of hand.

Owning a franchise is an amazing experience. Contact us today to see if Marble Slab is a great fit for you!