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Four Reasons an Ice Cream Franchise May Be the Fit for You

  • March 11, 2016

It’s cold and delicious. It receives unconditional love from people in every demographic. It’s sugary and sweet and has helped countless people across the country live the American Dream.

It is, of course, ice cream—and right now just might be the perfect time to invest in an ice cream franchise.

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, more than 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and ice cream-related treats were produced in the United States in 2013 (the last year for which statistics are available). The organization also says that, on average, each American enjoys about 22 pounds of ice cream each year.

Yes, Americans love their ice cream, and they also love a good ice cream franchise.

If you are looking for a business that delivers as much earning potential as it does joy, becoming an ice cream franchise owner might be a great fit for you. Here’s why:

ice cream franchise

1) Profit for Ice Cream Franchises

Yes, delivering cones full of joy to the masses is an incredibly exhilarating way to make a living, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the money. And ice cream franchises afford you the opportunity to make some good money.

How much, exactly, depends on a variety of factors, but there’s a reason there are more than 10,000 ice cream franchises located in the United States: they make their owners money. If they didn’t, franchising would not be such a popular profession.

2) Support

Owning and operating a business is as much a part of the American Dream as baseball and apple pie. But it also comes with a considerable amount of risk.

According to the United States Small Business Administration, half of all small businesses only last five years. Sometimes they don’t have the right business plan; sometimes they’re selling the wrong products at the wrong places; sometimes they don’t have the marketing mojo to make it work.

These issues typically don’t impact ice cream franchises. Ice cream franchises with Marble Slab start with all the resources and support that they need. They have access to proven business plans, products that play well with the public, and plenty of marketing support.

If you’ve always dreamed of starting a small business and want to give yourself the best possible opportunity to do well, consider becoming a franchisee of Marble Slab.

3) Ease

There are a lot of decisions that have to be made when it comes to starting a small business—and they go well beyond product sourcing and staffing.

You’ve got to think about signage, decor, purchase orders, and even what kind of clothing your employees will wear.

When you become an ice cream franchisee, many of these difficult decisions are already made for you—and the answers will be based on proven practices that have helped others across the country. This allows you to focus your attention on running the day-to-day operations and making long-term plans, which might include expansion.

4) Expansion Opportunities

One of the truly great things about ice cream franchises is that they tend to provide plenty of expansion opportunities. Once you have mastered the art and science of running your first ice cream shop, you might be able to expand into another area.

And once you do expand, your second (or third or fourth) franchise will receive all of the same support you received when you started your first.

Is franchising a good idea? Most definitely. If you are interested in making money and starting a business with ample support, ease of operation, and expansion opportunities, consider franchising your own Marble Slab ice cream shop. Click here to learn more.