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A Trip Back in Time: What Marble Slab Looked Like 30 Years Ago

  • July 29, 2015

Thirty years ago, one of the top fast food franchises in the US opened its doors. Happy customers rushed inside, excited to enjoy ice cream, hand-made in the store, then served however they liked. They chose from a variety of delicious flavors, decided between one scoop or two, and picked out which sweets they wanted mixed in to customize their ice cream. Workers smiled as they scooped ice cream and handed cones to sticky fingers.

Excited franchisers noticed the buzz over this innovative new store and invested in Marble Slab Creamery. Soon, new locations were opening up all over the country.

Thirty years ago, Marble Slab was one of the best gourmet dessert franchises in the country, and today all of this is still true.

Top Fast Food Franchises in the US
Since 1983, Marble Slab has been serving fresh, homemade ice cream.

Marble Slab is still a favorite ice cream franchise for happy customers all over the world. Visit a Marble Slab location near you, and it will be like taking a trip back in time. Our practices and our policies have not changed. We learned to make a great bowl of ice cream the right way thirty years ago, and learned not to mess with a good thing.

Today, Marble Slab helps build careers for those wishing to enter the gourmet dessert franchise industry.

Today there are even more options from employee to franchise owner, and there are still opportunities for ambitious people to join in the excitement.

Top Fast Food Franchises in the US

Staying true to our practices is what made us one of the best gourmet dessert franchises in the US. It took over thirty years, but Marble Slab has reached the top.

Join the gourmet dessert franchise today. Visit our website here and read a free online brochure to learn to learn how.