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3 Reasons Why Opening a Franchise is Better than Starting a Business

  • July 2, 2015

This is an age of opportunities. People from all over the world are discovering what they are capable of through talent, hard work, and passion. Some people are discovering their capabilities through education. Some people are discovering through family. And some people are discovering that they have what it takes to make it in the business world.

The options of business are growing all the time. People can join a stable business, working their way to the top. Or people can start their own business, cultivating their own business.

Is it better to start your own business or open a franchise? The example of ice cream is a good way to illustrate show the benefits of an ice cream franchise versus a new business.

3 Reasons to Franchise

  1. Ice Cream Franchises Have a Solid Foundation

Part of the reason people buy a franchise instead of starting from scratch is because a strong business foundation already exists. The brand, marketing, future plans, customer base, and many other things business owners worry about are established in an ice cream franchise.

  1. Ice Cream Franchises Still Offer the Start-up Experience

There is so much risk involved in starting a business. If people are looking for the experience with less risk, starting a franchise could be the way to go. But, keep in mind, there is always risks when starting a business, even a franchise.

A new ice cream franchise owner can still look for a location, help prepare the store, advertise to customers in the area, and do all the other tasks of starting a new business.

  1. Ice Cream Franchises Provide More Help

Many business owners just starting out have only themselves to rely on. In contrast, someone joining an ice cream franchise will have an entire company to give them advice. Franchise owners can take advantage of the abundance of knowledge and experience to make sure their franchise stays on the right track.

Are Franchises Worth the Effort?

Under the right conditions, a franchise may be just the business you’re looking for. It may have a better chance than a business starting from scratch, but it may not. Just remember, starting a franchise takes work ethic and motivation.

If you would like to try opening an ice cream franchise, visit marbleslabfranchise.com to learn how.