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Marble Slab: Multi-Unit Franchising
A brand of the Global Franchise Group

Multi-unit stores are easy to run and scaling up to multi-unit ownership is incredibly easy to do. Considering multi-brand in the same mall is also easy to do, as the operations of all brands are easy enough that the management between both locations could be shared. Marketing is much more cost effective when the units are within a defined radius

Multi-Unit Ownership Training of staff and, more importantly, managers is easily facilitated with multi-units. Once you open your first store and it is time to grow, the ability to do so is easy. One owner could easily get up to 3-5 stores without much additional “administrative” staff.

Multi-Unit Ownership Landlords LOVE excellent operators and will give you first choice or special considerations if you have multi-units. Multi-unit and multi-brands help spread the risk you assume.