Global Franchise Group (GFG) Co-brand Incentive (GCI) for – INITIAL FRANCHISE FEE (IFF) & ROYALTY FEE REDUCTION PROGRAM

GFG’s goal is to grow our brand(s) by a) entering into new markets, b) grow off mall opportunities and c) increasing market presence in markets that are underdeveloped with new and existing franchise owners. We, created the following program, designed to help stimulate growth and achieve our goals.

Effective Date: The program will commence February 8th, 2016 and any franchise owner/prospect signing a Co-Brand (New Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookies) Agreement or Co-Brand Area Development Agreement (ADA – MSC and GAC) prior to June 30, 2016 will qualify for the GCI – IFF & Royalty reduction program.

GCI – DMAs: GCI is available in any DMA across the United States that has the potential for additional stores. This is at the discretion of GFG based on demographic requirements necessary for Co-Brand growth in DMAs.

Incentive: * Reduction in Franchise fees and Royalty Rates (details listed below).

*By participating in this incentive, franchise owner agrees to enter into a NEW franchise agreement or Area Development Agreement (ADA) involving the pairing of Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookies. Franchise owners must also be in full compliance with their current franchise agreement in order to qualify.

Reduced Initial Franchise Fees:

The IFF for the Co-Brand will be $25,000 ($12,500 each).

Reduced Royalty Rate for the first year of operations of each Store opened under the Co-Brand: 4% (Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery)

*Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Policy or otherwise, GFG reserves the right to interpret and administer the Policy as it deems appropriate and to modify the Policy on an ongoing basis. Further, the Policy may be terminated by GFG at any time, although franchisees whom have qualified for GCI under the Policy prior to such termination will receive the franchise fee reductions and royalty reductions on executed agreements per the terms and conditions of the Policy.